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Malcolm Hanson - Skipton tourist guide

Malcolm Hanson



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Do you believe in ghosts?

…well maybe you will after you have been on one of my ghost walks.

Skipton at night becomes a place of dark shadows; a place where ungodly things lurk within the darkness of ginnels and back-alleys. Buildings stand like satanic sentinels, away from the light of the full moon; churchyards become mist-strewn and gloomy with a faint scent of long-dead residents.

These are some of the places I want to take you to, so I can retell to you tales of Supernatural Skipton; the Skipton of old; the Skipton of another time and another place, where for hundreds of years the ghosts of the past has walked with the living - as they will walk with us.

Come with me....

…and we might visit the grave of the smallest man in the world - learn of the boy in the glass coffin - stand on the site of the witches’ ducking stool - sit in the porch of Holy Trinity and look for the marching shades of the soon-to-die - look at the windows of a castle where for centuries the fleeting face of Mary, Queen of Scots, has been seen - and finally, pay a call on the ‘celebrated ghosts’ of  Sheep Street - the most haunted thoroughfare in Yorkshire.

Walks are available all year round

Dates subject to availability - first come first served

Group bookings only - minimum 15 (unless agreed otherwise)

All dates subject to availability

Walks last approximately 90 mins., but allow for 2 hrs. (meeting time and venue to be agreed by both parties)

Take a look at the Ghost tour by clicking the ghost.                 >>>


Halloween tours are held over the Halloween period only. The Halloween tours are for over 16-year-olds only and the particularly brave (or foolhardy). Tours commence at 9:00pm from a secret rendezvous known only to ticket holders. The tour lasts approximately two hours and might well finish in a haunted building of particular nasty repute. Childrens Halloween tours also take place over the Halloween period. These start at 6.00pm with a half-hour party, then the children are led on a spooky walk by the "Undertaker" - a gruesome graveyard cadaver!

For a flavour of what to expect, take a look at the Halloween Hell tour (now defunct) by clicking the skull.                                               >>>


All tours are by foot and, hence, attendees should be prepared to walk for some distance. Comfortable footwear and appropriate clothing for the weather and season should be worn. Attendees will visit darkly lit areas and areas alongside water or other hazards. Whilst warnings of such hazards will be given on the tour, no responsibility will be accepted for individuals who ignore the advice given. 

The Halloween walk, particularly, covers an extensive area of Skipton, including grassland. Some attendees find it particularly scary and, hence, people with a weak disposition or heart condition should avoid this tour.


And the all new Valletta ghost tour

Take a look at the Valletta ghost tour by clicking the hand      >>>

Faces have been seen in the stained glass window inside the Holy Trinity church


Close up of the panel just

below the sword




The Ghosts of Sheep Street




Halloween Hell




Valletta ghost tour

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