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Malcolm Hanson - Skipton tourist guide

Malcolm Hanson



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[ Halloween Hell II ]

This tour (now defunct) was performed in 2003 & 2004. 

Thanks to Fresh Radio, their presenter Brett Butler, and the Skipton Police Social club for their support.


The three nights of the performance were quickly sold out in an event that mixed theatrics with true ghost stories. Malcolm Hanson played the Undertaker and story teller, with Katy Dunn doing a marvelous job as the Long Dead Bride, her performance starting with an ear piercing scream; "Murderer", splitting the shroud of darkness. Brett Butler, Fresh Radio, played Father O'Malley and bravely saved the parties' souls from John Bryant as the Grim Reaper.

Did a phantom (left) make an appearance at the start of the tour? Picture courtesy of Phil Wainwright, a ghost hunter who attended the tour.

The tour, which lasted approximately two hours, strolled through Aireville park, before winding its way down to the canal and behind Skipton castle, a beautiful but dark and secluded spot; the perfect satanic setting for the Grim Reaper's lair.  The Undertaker, in usual style, kept the party enthralled, amused and scared with his devilish banter and ghoul-like appearance. He left everyone amazed when he refused to go beyond the 'point of no return', leaving them in the care(?) of the Long Dead Bride who, silently, led the anxious party to their doom. 

The Grim Reaper, standing 7 feet tall, was an ominous threat that the party had to pass, they were past the 'point of no return'. He was there for their souls, each and every one of them. For some the ordeal was their worst nightmare come true, the horror on their faces giving it all away. Once passed, the trap was set.

The Undertaker reappeared and was waiting ahead for them. The Long Dead Bride turned and revealed her true lineage, a vampire. Spitting venom she lunged at the crowd with a performance that left many, men and women alike, stunned. But there was no escape on the 'bridge of lost souls'; the Grim Reaper had them trapped.

If it were not for the strong faith of Father O'Malley, who knows how many souls would have been lost on those three nights? He battled relentlessly with the dark forces that the Grim Reaper evoked and all were saved from an eternity in Hell.

Onwards and into the safety(?) of the well-lit Skipton High Street. But there was more to come. Sheep Street with it's array of ghostly stories and then, the finale....... a visit to a truly haunted building, the Skipton Police Social club.

Skipton Police Social Club is located on the top floor

Here, our Police Social club hosts recounted tales of a smell of sweet tobacco, a black shape appearing out of the wall and hissing at them as it chased them around the club. Lights switching themselves on and doors that could not be opened, as if held by some unseen force, suddenly becoming free again. One of our hosts, in particular, seems to be the subject of this ghost's attention. 

Over the three nights of the tour, various people encountered phenomena themselves. Several people witnessed the outside gate swing open as the party arrived and then close shut after all had passed through. Tobacco was smelt on the landing and a particular spot on the dance floor, where the ghost has been seen standing, suddenly went icy cold. Only the brave ventured to the toilets, on the floor below, ALONE!

So interesting is the story of the Police Social club haunting that further investigation will be undertaken. An all-night vigil will be undertaken by a team of ghost hunters led by Phil Wainwright with the aid of our Police Social club hosts, the Undertaker, the Grim Reaper and the Long Dead Bride. Watch this space for further developments.......

And by the way, yes, the bar was open for those who wished to steady their nerves.

Visitor's Comments (from the Book of Remembrance)

Really scary!!!! Excellent talk and great fun. Thanks.

Glad I brought my crucifix for protection! Really enjoyed it.

David Dickinson, eat yer heart out!

Ooooh my GOD!!! Thank you to the man in the wood!!! NOT.

Best £4 I have ever spent

Great fun. V. spooky atmosphere especially in the woods. See you next year.

Fantastic walk, you and the rest keep doing these walks. It was a brilliant experience. See you again on the next walk. 


As early as August 2004, the clamour had gone up - "Will there be another HALLOWEEN HELL this Autumn?" Would there indeed? Could Malcolm Hanson get the team together to do an even bigger and more frightening ghost walk extravaganza than the year before? The answer was YES! And so, in the autumn of 2004 plans were made...

From the moment it was announced tickets began to be snapped up. The phones never stopped ringing and by the time Halloween arrived all three nights had sold out. The crowds were even larger than the previous year, and that meant that more ghouls were needed. The line-up was impressive: Once again Malcolm Hanson, Katie Dunn and John Bryant played the parts of the Undertaker, the Long Dead Bride and the Grim Reaper respectively, but this time they were joined by Marc Stanton as 'Mongo' - the lunatic psycho-serial killer (the hit of the night) and lick-spittle of the Undertaker; and the four main characters were surrounded by Joanne, Felicity, Alice and  the girl we do not know who portrayed a truly frightening bevy of vampires that generally menaced the crowd. No Father O'Malley this time, but at the half-way stage 'blood soup' was provided by a mummy and ghoul from 'Pan Loafy's' canalside cafe.

The meeting point was on a parking lot near Tesco's, where Mongo was soon playfully 'groping' the female section of the crowd, and once the walk got underway the punters soon realised this was not going to be your average ghost walk. Soon they were herded into the darkness of Christ Church graveyard. Here screams and gasps were heard at the arrival of the first vampire (Fliss) - bathed in the glow of the church's floodlights. Another vampire (Joanne) was soon spotted drifting amid the undergrowth and a third ( Alice ) lingered in the shadows close to the church gates. A fourth (?) was waiting in a dark doorway near the canal.

Tension mounted as the Undertaker related stories of darkness and death and by the time the walk reached the canal basin the scene was set for the first real shocker of the night. The Undertaker, in the midst of telling a story, was suddenly interrupted by a chilling scream. At that moment everyone realised that Mongo was on the loose! In full view of 100 people, Mongo was seen dragging an innocent young girl (Katie) into the shadows where he would violently murder her!

Arriving at the scene of the crime the crowd now found Mummy and the Ghoul's (Pan Loafy's) blood soup stall waiting for them! After 20 minutes it was time to leave. On now to the dark areas of the canal, more stories, and - what was this in front? Only Mongo's BOAT moored by the towpath with Mongo flashing his eyes (and licking his big white teeth!) at the more nubile members of the group. The boat was brilliant, a half-sunk, rotting-timbered, motor-boat, with a pair of women's naked legs stuck out of the window!  

Then it was on to "THE POINT OF NO RETURN" - behind Skipton Castle , the darkest part of the tour. What would be waiting for the punters? A floodlit Long-Dead Bride (Katie) in full wedding dress, with a vampire bridesmaid (Joanne). As they, along with the Undertaker, chased the crowd back the way they had come, they were confronted by the 7-foot-tall Grim Reaper (John), and something else that looked like a demon from hell (Mark). This was the climax, after which all the 'cast' took a bow, and the crowd went on to the Police Club for drinks.


The doomed party encounters the Undertaker


The Long Dead Bride leads the party looking for her dead fiancé


Prepare to meet the Grim Reaper


Skipton castle on the night


The tour moves to Sheep Street


The passage where a floating ghost with red eyes was seen to pass


The haunted stairway at the Police Social club


The Undertaker makes a quick exit as an icy spot is suddenly felt


What is the white cloud?


The Undertaker reincarnates


Mongo was never caught so, Skipton, beware!


Yet another monster from Hell


The dead bride appears and the nightmare starts!


But this year there were three

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