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Malcolm Hanson - Skipton tourist guide

Malcolm Hanson



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Could you imagine the famous 'Chav' town of Keighley being a minefield of Supernatural activity?...

If your answer is no, then you need to experience this walk - it is a frightening descent into the darkest realms of a tough northern mill town...  

Keighley has always had a reputation as a tough town; bar-room brawls and prostitution had, until quite recent times, been a normal part of a night out on the town. Yet, over the centuries, other, far darker deeds and events have taken place, and this walk has been designed to highlight the very worst...

Join me, as I take you to the Market Cross, where on one terrible day in 1711, a young, defenceless woman and her two children were whipped - possibly to death - in front of a baying crowd of drunken townspeople... to a shadowy corner of a neglected graveyard, where a 'dark lady' has been seen hovering near to where she was shockingly murdered by her violent husband...to the site of a house - long pulled down - where a satanic cult conjured up demons that would haunt the area long after the cult had gone...

The above stories, and many more, make up this - perhaps the most chilling - walk of them all.

This is not for the nervous or squeamish...  

You have been warned...  

"I never knew anything about Keighley's history - dark or otherwise, until I came on the Keighley Darkest Secrets ghost walk. It was a revelation; walking with Malcolm Hanson taught me more about life in the past than any book I could have read. Keighley Festival handed us a real treat by booking him and if they re-book him next year then I will certainly be there..."

- a satisfied customer.

Finally, a word from Malcolm Hanson...


"Look at the photograph on the right. What exactly are the mysterious orbs that appear on it? This phenomenon is extremely interesting since the mill is generally regarded as being the most haunted structure in Keighley - I even  referred to it my book: 'Keighley's Darkest Secrets' as the Mount Everest of haunted buildings". 


"But even though we have captured orbs on this photograph in the main building, I believe there is another part close by that is more prolific. The mill house - built in 1881 - has certainly had a dramatic past: supposed suicides and at least one murder is said to have taken place there. One particular ghost is that of a little girl - eight-year-old Fanny Slingsby - who died in the house around 1890. She has been appearing to tenants and owners of the house for many years and strangely asks them if they can see her."

If you want to know more about the house and the girl, click on the 'Ghostly Goings On' image on the right.                                 >>>

Don't forget to read the book

The tour starts here

Is that a ghost?

Orbs inside the most haunted mill?

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