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Going to Malta?

If you are, just make sure you experience the newest tourist attraction - the Valletta Ghost Walk!

The Island of Malta has a history dating back many thousands of years; some of the very first man-made buildings have been discovered here. Its ancient history is revered throughout the world, and every year, thousands of tourists descend on the island to visit its ancient catacombs, caves and churches.

But there is another, darker side to Malta . It is not well known to everybody, but to those who are aficionados of the paranormal, Malta is famous for its ghosts... and there are plenty of them!

This walk takes you around the dark streets and alley ways of Malta 's capital city, Valletta . You will visit haunted houses and churches; hear stories of the long-dead soldiers who died horribly in the 1565 Great Siege of Malta (where they were slowly decapitated by their captors), and who return to shriek and howl long into the night. Then there are the ghostly grey and black ladies of St Angelo Fortress and St Ursula Street - in fact, on the St Ursula Street (House of the Blue Dolphin) section of the walk, you actually walk in the footsteps of a ghost!

Finally, a first for all the ghost walks created and undertaken by Malcolm Hanson. The climax of this tour is the chance to stand on the very doorstep where the notorious Valletta Vampire was last seen - and you should be aware - standing in a vampire's footsteps is a very dangerous thing to do; you see, when they return they will smell your scent - and follow it...  

What is the mysterious white light which appears on this photograph, taken outside the House of the Blue Dolphin in St. Ursula Street, Valletta? 

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Or buy the book: Malcolm Hanson's Do-It-Yourself Valletta Ghost Walk on sale in Malta's book shops.  




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