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Art in School Days.

As part of our ongoing commitment to Art in Schools....

We are again pleased to offer Art in Schools days, subsidised by THE HEART of ART.

Very briefly:

Each day is led by artist and poet Peter Swidrak.

A travelling gallery of famous works by 15 well known artists is brought to your school.

The gallery pictures are Poster sized, framed and displayed exhibition style on artist easels.

Classes take part in workshops and activities that are designed to stimulate the imagination.

Children are encouraged to have fun and be creative.

The price includes preparation work and one day in school.

We are flexible to fit in with current school activities.

Enterprise Entrepreneurship Enthusiasm Exciting Engaging

 This and more is The E Word

Aimed at year 8 or 9 students The E Word Event is designed to:

Be a starting point for Enterprise

Help develop potential Entrepreneurs

Create Enthusiasm for future careers

Highlight Exciting innovations

Be Engaging

The E Word Event is designed to be Easy for schools to administer.

The E Word profile:

Two Entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience in business, (including some or all of the following, the arts, music and entertainment) host each The E Word Event.

The E Word Event is interactive, lively, innovative and imaginative.

Each The E Word Event lasts for 90 minutes and can be performed twice in one day for up to 100 students at any one time.

Materials are provided where necessary.

All students will be invited to take part in 2 innovative competitions with exciting prizes, including the chance to create and star in a radio commercial for broadcast during autumn 2004.

The hosts of The E Word Event have worked with over 3000 young people during 2003.

Prices and further details for the above Contact Us

Peter Swidrak



The Heart of Art



Art in School Days




Art in Schools Days and The E Word are initiatives of:  
THE HEART of ART Limited. 




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