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Malcolm Hanson - Skipton tourist guide

Malcolm Hanson



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Join rock musician, newly published writer and fiendishly funny raconteur Malcolm Hanson on The Skipton Experience. 

A guided walk with a difference; a tour of Yorkshire's famous 'Gateway to the Dales' in the company of a master story teller who will weave into you the pure magic and mystery of the real Skipton.

The Skipton Experience will make you laugh; it will make you cry; above all, the Skipton Experience will stay with you long after you have left our fair and beautiful barony - 'set like a Jewel in the Crown of Yorkshire'.

Imagine a house which bore such notoriety that it was given the title 'House of Pests' by the local clergy, or a gravestone that tells the story of one Edwin Calvert - known to all as Skipton's Commander in Chief - and who was the smallest man in the world, dying at the tragic age of 17.

And imagine a violent ghost that terrorises Sheep Street, encountered by locals as recently as summer 2001. Or the wild and wonderful visitations of talking horses; organ-playing elephants and Indian 'tooth-pullers' - all now gone, but never to be forgotten.

Now contrast this with the great history of Skipton, written over many centuries by the Earls of Cumberland who's seat was Skipton Castle.

Richard III, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I all had strong connections to Skipton - the mighty House of Clifford made it so.

And think of those almost fable-like characters who have gone down in history as icons of their age; the warrior John Clifford, he of whom Shakespeare wrote as being 'the Terrible Black Face Butcher of Skipton Castle'; also the kind and gentle Henry Clifford, the 'Shepherd Lord' who brought royal blood to our fair barony; the flamboyant 'superstar', 3rd Earl George Clifford, champion at the court of 'Gloriana' - Queen Elizabeth I; and finally, Lady Anne Clifford, the most illustrious of all, known by her loyal subjects as 'Queen of the North', and who's often tragic - yet much celebrated - life mirrored that of our own Princess Diana.

All these stories - and many more - make up the wonderful cornucopia that is The Skipton Experience - and now you can experience it for yourself.

See what they once saw; walk where they once walked; learn what they once knew. They are inviting you into their lives - truly a experience to encounter!

Schools and Educational Visits

Skipton's history, from its role in the Wars of the Roses (1455) and through the Tudor period, to the rule and death of 'Queen of the North' Lady Anne Clifford (1676) is a truly fascinating subject for all young people. A morning spent on a 'School Experience' is time well invested!

Malcolm Hanson is also available for school and college visits, lectures, speeches, etc. Full details on request. Contact Us


Skipton Castle

The "Consolation"  Statue of Sir Mathew Wilson

Altar, Holy Trinity Church

Rear, Skipton Castle

Edwin Calvert's Tombstone, Smallest Man In the World

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