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Malcolm Hanson's work with Keighley Festival...

I became involved with the annual Keighley Festival in 2005 when I did a series of ghost walks based on stories from my book "Keighley's Darkest secrets". This was a successful venture for all, and so the festival committee invited me to create new events for 2006. Since I was working in many Keighley schools it seemed fitting to create things that children could be involved in. 

Below are the main events that I have created, or am currently creating for Keighley Festival.


Keighley Festival 2006

In 2006 Keighley Festival ran in the first two weeks of July. There were over 100 individual events and foremost was my main schools project - ART ON THE MOVE. This involved hundreds of children from over 20 schools coming together to recreate, or make versions of “Old Masters” such as Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”. I managed to get the paintings out into the community - many on school buses; but also in the local art galleries and shopping precincts.

ART ON THE MOVE then went around some of the schools. Many of the paintings went back to the schools eventually, but the top 100 remained with the festival to be used in 2007.

(In 2007 I won a Community Harmony Award “in recognition of outstanding contribution to Community Harmony in the Bradford District” for ART ON THE MOVE.)

The ever popular “Keighley’s Darkest Secrets” ghost walk featured over 7 nights in the festival. These walks, together with ART ON THE MOVE made it a very busy time indeed for me!

Keighley Festival 2007

Once again, the festival ran over the first two weeks of July and this time I had even more to do! The main schools project was called AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 FEET and this time schools were asked to create 3D models of countries from around the world. When collected in and segmented together the entire model would measure 80 feet long by eight feet wide!

Again, hundreds of children worked on the models and all looked well until…the rain came! The festival fortnight saw some of the worst storms in years and we only got the models out at a) Keighley Gala procession (where they got second prize - best float) and at b) Marley Stadium on the last day. It threw it down and many of the models were ruined.

However, the other events that I arranged - the ART ON THE MOVE top one hundred paintings; the children’s Prom Night at Lees School, and the “Alfe’s Restaurant meets “Keighley’s Darkest Secrets” ghost walk and Chinese buffet were very successful. However, I’ve decided the ghost walks need a rest after three years so expect something different for Keighley Festival 2008!

Keighley Festival 2008

For 2008 I have been busy on several projects - the main one being a 15-schools event called MADAME TWO-SWORDS which features many children building life-size models of famous people - alive or dead - or heroes of stage and screen. 

For my own part, I have just finished Johnny Depp (as Sweeney Todd) and David Suchet (as Poirot). Works currently under construction in the schools are Harry Potter, Daley Thompson, Madame Two-Swords herself, Buzz Aldrin, Pavarotti (a remake from last year's AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 FEET) and the Pope.

When finished, all the models - which should number around 30 - will appear at the Arts Factory Exhibition Gallery, Keighley from June 7th - 11th. MADAME TWO-SWORDS will also have a "Chamber of Little Horrors" full of disasters and things that have just gone plain wonky...

Other events planned are a spectacular children's music and dance night at Keighley's Victoria Hall. For this I am teaching music to a class ensemble at Riddlesden St. Mary's School. It is all part of a children's festival within the main programme, involving treasure hunts, sports tournaments, schools heritage trails and concerts in the Airedale Shopping Precinct.




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